Process Review: Linne Runner

Handwoven textiles help make our house a home. Home is where the heart is. And our home is where the art of the heart is. The most recent addition is a linen runner for our dining room table. I also wove a small table mat from the same warp. Linne Runner, design by Joanne Hall. 16/2 linen warp and weft, 8-shaft two-block broken twill. Glimåkra Julia countermarch loom.

Linen runner just cut off the Julia loom!
Linen runner and small table mat just off the Glimåkra Julia loom.
Handwoven linen table runner in a handweaver's home.
Colors for the runner were chosen with our dining room in mind.

Watch the process for creating this runner from beginning to end in this short slideshow video:

May your home be filled with art of the heart.

Happy Weaving,

14 thoughts on “Process Review: Linne Runner

  1. That’s beautiful and the additional colors in the end borders add a different richness. Weaving with gloves…your perseverance paid off!

    1. Hi Denise, It’s always interesting to play with two-block twill, isn’t it? A small change in color or treadling can give it a special touch.
      Weaving with gloves – I was glad to have something to do those cold days besides sit and shiver. Weaving looms work just fine without electricity as long as there’s daylight in the room. Besides, the act of weaving helped by body warm up. 🙂

      All the best,

  2. That’s just gorgeous. Your teaser awhile back had me on tenterhooks to see it finished! It suits your dining room and the furniture so perfectly. It’s always fascinating how a very traditional art can translate and adopt so effectively to a modern setting with just a change of color arrangement. Karen, you are a genius!

    1. Hi Joanna, I’m a fan of classic traditional designs. I agree that it is fascinating to see how those classic patterns can work in a modern setting.

      Thank you for your generous compliment!

    1. Hi Nannette, It’s not very fun to go without power. We learned a few ways to be better prepared if it happens again. I like cool colors year round.

      All the best,

  3. I like the beautiful and calm color combination. “The art of the heart” is true. If the heart can’t be in the art it will be a struggle. Both in brain and heart. 🙂
    Take care

  4. Hello Karen,

    I have a question. On the breast beam you have a clear bear. Please can you tell my the material of this one, where I can buy it a how is it fixed on the beam?

    Thanks a lot.


    1. Sorry Karen for my bad english. I mean a clear bar. And can you tell me more about the material, where I can buy it and how is it fixed on the beam.


      1. Hi Bettina, What you see is a clear plastic guard. I tie it to the beam with a cord at each end of the beam. The material is a clear plastic corner guard from the hardware store, and we cut it to size. This clear plastic corner guard is normally used for protecting wall corners in a home or building. It was my husband’s idea to use it for a beam protector.

        Thanks for asking,

        1. Hi Karen, thank you so much for this information. It is very intersting for me, because in the next few days I get this Julia loom. I am very happy about this.

          Thanks for sharing your experiences and ideas,

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