Wild Dish Cloths

I like having a project on one of my looms that is within reach of any friend who drops by. This new warp on the Julia fits the bill. Since I am using up several nearly empty tubes of linen, I am giving this warp an irregular color sequence. That should be interesting in this very structured 8-shaft broken twill.

Glimakra warping reel, linen warp.
Emptying a few tubes of 16/2 linen.
Glimakra warping reel, linen warp.
Irregular warp stripes are formed on the warping reel.
Finished off some linen! New linen warp.
Odds and ends of linen get used for cloth that will be used.

I am making dish cloths here. Linen dish cloths. Why not wash dishes with something interesting? I am eager to see what develops as I add weft colors. Anyone else who sits at this loom can choose their own mix of colors. I hope we get some wild combinations that bring a smile to the one whose hands are washing dishes.

Ready to weave some linen dish cloths.
Warp chains for some wild dish cloths.

God’s wisdom is a far reach for our human understanding. The complexity of his creation shows us how much we still don’t understand. How could we ever reach that far? Our best efforts are like irregularities in a well-structured cosmos. Good news! God put himself within our reach. He did it at his own expense—the cross of Christ. When we trust in Christ our wild threads are expertly woven into cloth that he can use. Some of our wild combinations probably make him smile.

May you grow in wisdom.

With wild threads,

9 thoughts on “Wild Dish Cloths

  1. Thank you for your words of comfort. I needed to hear them today! I love the idea of having a loom for friends to weave on, guess I’ll have to get another one. Darn!

    1. I am happy you were touched by the words of comfort.

      Another loom? I don’t know how those looms keep finding my house. haha

      Happy weaving,

  2. I’m glad you have a loom for friends! It is amazing what can develop from that act.

    My studio is full of looms with other’s projects. It started with an online friendship with someone who had a Weaver’s Delight loom like mine. She reached out to me after she read my blog about restoring my WD when she inherited her aunt’s old loom. She lives about 30 miles from me and we quickly became friends.

    Another online friend in Michigan reached out for help with an old Leicester Dryad loom, another loom in my stable. She brought hers up north and we got it going for her. She took a weaving class and quickly became an excellent weaver and decided to buy an eight shaft loom.
    I got a call, asking if I would like her old loom. It had some issues, so I asked my first friend if she would like to come up and help repair it and I would give it to her. That was the beginning of her learning to weave something other than rag rugs.

    That was pretty much the beginning of my Tuesday Open Studio days. I let other friends, mostly from our weaving guild, know I would be open to anyone who wanted some help on that day. It has evolved over 6-7 years into a wonderful group of weavers of all stages. Currently we have 12 looms, almost all different types and styles, that we put group projects on and then rotate weaving with the different looms. Yesterday, eight people showed up.

    It has ended up being mostly a blessing from God for me. With a second recurrence of ovarian cancer and getting a terminal diagnosis this time, I have needed this group of friends more that ever. Studio Day allows me to have normal days, which is so important for my mental health. They bring a planned lunch and often leave the leftovers for my family for dinner. It truly is a blessing for me and my family.

    I hope you continue with teaching friends and end up with blessings galore as a result of your generosity.


    1. Jenny, You reached out to bless others, and look how the Lord has blessed you in return. I’m very sorry to hear about your recurrence of cancer. May the Lord give you and your family the strength you need.

      Thank you so much for sharing how your Tuesday Open Studio came about. You’re making me want something like that to come about where I am.

      Grateful for you,

      1. Thanks Karen!

        I hope you do start something. You only need one person to start and a consistent day of the week. Believe me, the blessings you will receive will far outweigh any you give.

        Blessings to you, and maybe this will be a new way to spread our love of weaving AND our love of our Lord.

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