First Glimpse of the Blanket

Look at the double-width blanket that is finally forming on the loom! And you have been waiting to see which colors I chose for the weft… First, there were eleven colors to select for the warp (I Forgot the Weft). And then, after dressing the loom (Brave Enough to Weave), I sampled possible weft colors (The Weft Question). That led to questions about the density of the weft and the evenness of the folded edge (Quiet Friday: Blanket Sample Thanksgiving), being my first ever double width attempt. Ta da! Combined teal and blue are the weft winners!

Wool for weft to use in double-width blanket.
Skeins of Borgs 6/2 Tuna Wool for blanket weft. The weft is doubled, so I will wind quills using the two colors together.
Winding wool skeins into balls using old Beka yarn swift.
Wool skeins are first unwrapped and wound into balls using my old Beka yarn swift.

I am pleased with the first glimpse. I feel like I have captured my own personality and it is being woven into the cloth. Like this weft, you will not see the value of your gifts until you unwrap them and use them.

First few inches of double-width wool blanket on the loom.
Very beginning of the wool blanket gives encouraging results. The teal/blue weft begins after the first few picks that space the warp.

Just as cloth reveals the nature of the weaver, gifts reveal the nature of the giver. God has prepared things for us that transcend human perception. Things which eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man… If aspects of my personality are embedded in a handwoven blanket, how much more is God’s character woven into the good gifts he imparts to us?

May your journey hold many good gifts to unwrap.

Thinking of Christmas,

4 thoughts on “First Glimpse of the Blanket

  1. What a beautiful selection for your warp.
    See the two colors exchange positions (who is on top) is wonderful.
    This will be a very warm blanket. It will keep some one warm on even the
    coldest nights. Can’t wait to see it finished.

    1. I’m so glad you like it, Marie! I love the way the two colors in the weft provide “movement” in the cloth. That is what I was hoping for.
      We don’t have very many cold nights in Houston, but when it IS cold, you can be sure this blanket will be keeping somebody warm.

      I’m finding it fun and relaxing to weave.


  2. I would love to see rhis all done and can’t wait. Every choice of weft would have been perfect, because it’s all you, it represents you at that moment in time. It may not please everyone, but then it would be theirs in their moment in time. This is going to be one beautiful, warn blanket. what size will it be? how did that fold work out? have any trouble ie. creating floats or missed warp threads on the bottom layer? If you wouldn’t mind would you post a pix of the finished product with a close up of the fold? I love it when a plan comes together. I do not have a cell phone or a digital camera to share my goofs, “oh i get it nows”, and Urekah’s it worked.
    The fringing on the loom is great. I’ve done a technique that is somewhat similar; uses pick upsticks and is done over 6-8 warp ends that when woven in to a yardage for a sweater will look very much like a knitted cable. You’ve inspired me again to fire up both looms. thank you, love, peace and JOY linda

    1. Hi Linda,

      You have made my day if you feel inspired to fire up your looms! I’m smiling.

      I will continue to post my progress on this blanket. I can tell you already that I will have some floats to repair on the bottom layer. (How did you know? Haha)

      When it is finished, we will all see the good, the bad, and hopefully, no ugly. It’s fun to share the process with you.

      Thanks for your wonderful encouragement,

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