Process Review: Christmas Tree Skirt Fabric

This is a Christmas tree skirt in the making. The next stage of this special project will include appliqué and embroidery. The embellished tree skirt should be complete by the time Steve and I put up our Christmas tree this year. This luscious white-on-white wool cloth is just the beginning. Some colorful handwoven remnants will tell the rest of the story. I’ll let you know when that part is finished…

At the very end, with the back tie-on bar right behind the shafts.
Back tie-on bar is right behind the shaft bars. The shed is compromised, but I am still able to squeeze my shuttle through to weave enough picks to empty my quill.
Just off the loom, unwashed handwoven wool fabric.
Just off the loom, unwashed. 8/1 Möbelåtta unbleached wool warp and 6/1 Fårö bleached wool weft.

I thoroughly enjoyed the one-shuttle monotone weaving. It was a quiet stream amid my other rambunctious color-filled looms.

Handwoven fabric for a Christmas tree skirt.
Wash on delicate cycle in the washing machine. Place in dryer on low heat for ten minutes. Air dry to finish. Snuggle.

Here’s a view into the process of making this cloth.

May your days be merry and bright…

Happy early Christmas,

16 thoughts on “Process Review: Christmas Tree Skirt Fabric

    1. Hi Susie, This is adapted from the draft for “Lightweight Wool Blankets,” in Väv Magazine, 1/2018, p.34. It’s a point twill on six shafts. I did not use floating selvedges, so the fabric has a nice “scallop” on the edges.

      Thank you!

    1. Hi Kevin, I agree that the fabric looks elegant. I’m hopeful this will become an elegant addition to our Christmas season. Thanks!

      Happy weaving,

  1. Good morning Karen,

    I noticed how even your edges are. Some how I did not notice scallop. Must be my bias from weaving rag rugs.

    I love how the fiber fulled when washed. Are you sure you want to make a tree skirt instead of a chair throw? How are you going to keep your hands off it under the tree. 😉

    Thank you for a taste of Winter during this late August heat wave.


    1. Hi Nannette, Well, the scallop may be only discernible to this weaver’s eye, especially after washing.

      The fulled cloth does have a good feel. Who says I have to keep my hands off?


    1. Hi Ruth, The fabric did come out lovely! It always seems amazing to me what threads will do when they are woven. I am excited to get started on the appliqué pieces.

      Thank you,

  2. That is gorgeous. I think in a light gray would make a beautiful shawl. Make sure you post when it’s completed

    1. Hi Cynthia, It would indeed make a nice shawl. I’m considering making some more of this fabric to make a simple jacket. I will post the completed project – probably close to Christmas!


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