Process Review: Happy Blues

Cutting off is like reading the ending of a good short story. Even though you are eager to get to the end, when you reach the final paragraph it seems to soon for the story to be over. Fortunately, even though I am cutting off these happy blues, I still get to enjoy the fabric a while longer as I bring it through the finishing process.

Handwoven cotton fabric. Happy Blues.
All blue. 8/2 cotton in eight-shaft twill. Soft and cushiony.

The 8/2 cotton fabric is woven, washed and dried (multiple times), and ready for its final step. I will cut and hem individual pieces to be used as covers for the arm rests and the headrest for my mother-in-law’s recliner. I can’t think of a better place for this story to end up.

Enjoy this little video slideshow of the making of this cloth:

May you keep starting and finishing good stories.


13 thoughts on “Process Review: Happy Blues

  1. Very pretty and, I’m sure will be very much appreciated, Karen.
    Would you mind sharing what kind of “tape” you use to mark and measure as you weave? I’ve tried twill tape but the sharpie marker bleeds quite a bit.
    You always have good stories. 🙂

    1. Hi Beth, Thank you!

      I haven’t found tape that doesn’t bleed some. I use polyester twill tape. I like it better than grosgrain ribbon for writing on. When I ordered some twill tape on line I accidentally got some cotton twill tape, which is worse with bleeding, and stretches a bit, which is not what you want. I can usually find the polyester twill tape at Hobby Lobby, and buy it when it’s half off. Some people use paper, but I like the longevity of the twill tape.

      Happy weaving,

  2. I love the analogy of the too soon ending to a good story. I have noticed that I often delay finishing the final piece just because I hate to see the end. And then I can’t wait to start something new the minute it is off the loom!
    My sister has requested cover for her new chair, the arm and head rest. I made a sampler for pattern and set but now it is time to make the pieces. I am struggling with size. What are the dimensions you used for your project, Karen? I will be using Linen close to 8/2 cotton in size.

    1. Hi Annie, I simply measured the hand towels she was using on her chair as arm and headrest covers. 15.5” x 26” on the arms and 15.5” x 30” on the headrest. I am not making them fitted. They will be flat hemmed rectangles. This fabric has enough weight and drape to it that I think they will stay in place.

      I’m sure yours will be just what’s needed!

      All the best,

  3. Just in case any of you are interested, I use paper measuring tape as I weave. It’s designed to be used in doctor’s offices to do things like measure babies’ heads, etc. and comes in a pack of 100, each 36 inches, for about $15. I use each one multiple times. You can write on it easily also. and you can get it here:

    1. Hi Tobie, The music is one of the selections available in Apple Photo for making a Slideshow. I think the music is appealing, too. Thank you for saying you like it. Once or twice I have written my own music for a slideshow video, but I don’t usually take the time to do that.

      Thank you,

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