Sneak Out to the Drawloom

Two of my looms are getting the lion’s share of my attention right now. That doesn’t keep me from sneaking out to the drawloom, though, for an hour here, an hour there. Those hours add up. I have everything threaded and sleyed. The reed is in the beater now, and I’m tying on the warp.

Six ground shafts on the drawloom. Threading.
Pattern heddles have been threaded. Ground heddles are being threaded. 888 16/2 cotton ends on six ground shafts.
Getting ready to tie on the warp on the combo drawloom.
Moving the reed and threaded ground shafts to the front of the loom is tricky. Having a second pair of hands (Steve’s) definitely helps.

148 single unit lift heddles and 45 pattern shafts are waiting in the wings. I’m setting up the combination drawloom again for maximum flexibility in designing. That also means I’ll have abundant possibilities for weaving. Oh, what exuberant escapades await! This anticipation keeps me skipping down the path of preparation, ever so steadily, as I dream of entering that magical world of drawloom weaving once again.

Getting the drawloom ready to weave.
I like to tie all the ends into small sections (about 1 inch at the reed) first. Then I tie them on the front tie-on bar, starting right of center, and then alternate left, right, and so on.

There is a door into an invisible kingdom. You may have seen it as a child. The door to God’s invisible kingdom is open. With childlike trust we give our heart to Jesus and his kingdom comes alive. In the here and now, as our preparation continues, we are ever mindful of the abundant existence of the ever after. What exuberance awaits!

May you see like a child.

Happy Weaving,

4 thoughts on “Sneak Out to the Drawloom

  1. Good morning Karen.
    Saturday I took an experimental rag rug made from a thrifted wool blanket and yarn to the church BINGO night. Mint green ’50 s blanket and hot pink/melon boucle. Cut from the loom the week before.

    It was a pick your own prize event that included a free will offering spaghetti dinner. The proceeds went to a loyal homeless shelter.

    There it sat until a man who was playing with his wife and half a dozen tweener girls won a round. He walked up to the prize table eyeballing the aim-and-flame lighter when the tweeners began jumping in their seats, calling out for the rug.

    Afterwards I spoke with the mom. Mint green was the favorite color of one of the girls.

    How many things had to come together for this situation to unfold?

    God’s world is a wonderful place.


    1. Hi Nannette, That’s great that your rug was someone else’s favorite color. It’s fun when we get to see those connections. It reminds me of something my pastor said this week: Your obedience may be someone else’s answer to prayer.

      All the best,

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