Rag Rug in Spaced Rep Splendor

Spaced rep rag rugs have a graphic vibrancy that grabs my attention. Like regular rep weave, spaced rep is warp dominant. Unlike regular rep weave, the warp in spaced rep doesn’t completely cover the weft. That’s where rag weaving comes in, because the fabric-strip weft shows between the warps. The rag weft provides just enough color variation to satisfy a rag rug weaver like me.

Warp (12/6 cotton) is beamed and threaded. Ready to tie on.
Oh, the exhilaration of a new warp on the loom!

The pattern for this rug comes from Älskade Trasmattor, by Hallgren and Hallén, p. 87. The threading has dark and light ends that alternate, with four distinct blocks (five, if you count the plain weave block). And thick weft (fabric strips) alternates with thin weft (12/6 cotton rug warp), with four different treadling sequences. All of these factors work together to make the geometric pattern in the rug. It sounds complicated. Truly, though, it is merely a collection of simple systems that all work together. And the possibilities are endless.

Spaced rep rag rug. Pattern from Älskade Trasmattor, by Hallgren and Hallén, is modified for the floor space I have in mind.
Geometric pattern is primarily seen in the warp threads. The dark fabric strips for weft highlight the pattern even more.
Cherry wood ski shuttle by Steve for the fabric weft, and an open-bottom boat shuttle for the warp thread weft.

You are intricately and wonderfully made. To people who know you, no doubt, you look complicated. Your maker, however, knows your simple systems that all work together. The Lord knows you by name. His plan for you follows a masterful design. In the grand weaver’s hands, the possibilities are endless!

May the pattern of your life set you apart.

Happy Weaving, and welcome back to my studio,

22 thoughts on “Rag Rug in Spaced Rep Splendor

  1. Love this design. I really enjoy rep weaving but this is something that peaks my interest. Thank you for your blog posts. They are truly inspiring.

  2. As always Karen, your weaving and words are inspiring. How wide are your rags cut please? Thank you! Bonnie.

  3. i have tried for 3 years to go to monica hallen’s class on this at vavstuga but because she couldn’t leave sweden until this summer. i can no longer drive that distance so i have been trying to figure this out on my own. not being a swedish speaker, could i understand that book if i bought it? also, what is the sett for this warp? i might be able to figure this out by myself.

    1. Hi Ellen, I would also have enjoyed taking a class from Monica Hallèn. I have almost all of her books and have learned a lot through them.

      I don’t speak Swedish, either, but I have been able to get a lot from the books. The draft, as you know, is understandable because of its format. There are many weaving terms that are used often, so I can usually figure out those Swedish words. You can also find Swedish-English weaving glossaries. I often use Google to translate, though it will give strange results for weaving terms.
      I really like the books, if just for the pictures, which give me loads of ideas and gets me started.

      The sett for this warp is 8 ends per cm (about 20 epi).

      Happy weaving,

  4. Really Beautiful Rug, can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished. I haven’t dove into Rep weaving yet, maybe in the future. I love the red borders…I keep looking at it, and think Simple but Complicated all at the same time.

    1. Hi Marjorie, Simple complexity? Is that possible?

      I’m super glad you like the rug. It’s a real pleasure to weave this, so it brings me joy when someone else enjoys seeing it. For some reason, I often find myself sneaking some red in my rugs. I do like a good border.

      Thank you!

  5. I hope you had a nice July and I’m glad you’re back! Even though we’ve never met, I SO enjoy your blog!

    1. Hi Cindy, It’s good to be back! I truly appreciate you sticking with me for so long. It would be sweet to meet in person some day!

      Happy weaving,

  6. I agree with Cindy, I too so enjoy your blog! I’m encouraged to get some of the Swedish books, especially on the rag rugs. I have one of the Swedish books that has been translated into English and it has a glossary of Swedish/English terms in the back. Yes, in lots of pictures would be a big help (enjoy your pictures).

    1. Hi Linda, My favorite books on my shelf are the Swedish books. They are all a feast for the eyes.

      I’m glad you’re here!

  7. Hi, Karen! I hope you enjoyed the vacation.

    I just finished taking a Rep Weave Workshop with Lucienne Coifman at Convergence so I am delighted to see your rug since I can understand the structure. I am planning to start weaving rugs for my home after I weave a few items for our Guild sale. This is very inspirational in so many ways. I love how you connect your work to our Heavenly Father.

    1. Hi Annie, Rep weave is so interesting. I’m sure you learned a lot. This is really the same thing except that the spaced sett allows for seeing the fabric-strip weft.
      I’m glad you relate to the connections to our Heavenly Father.

      Happy weaving,

  8. Hi Karen! So much inspiration here! But rep and rugs are two things on my weaving dream list that intimidate me. You’ve definitely eased some of my fear with the philosophy that it’s not so complicated after all, but “merely a collection of simple systems that all work together”. Just like our human condition, our entanglements can be made beautiful and useful when we’re all working together in our daily lives for our common good as our loving Lord intended! Thanks for another wonderful blog.

    1. Hi Mary, I hope this brings you one step closer to your weaving dreams. You can do this!
      Your sentiments about how the Lord works through us is beautifully said.

      Thank you for your kindness,

    1. Hi Jane, Thank you so much for the compliment.
      My sheepskin is held together under the bench with texsolv cord. I plan to fix up the sheepskin for my drawloom bench very soon. When I do, I will do a post about it with pictures.


  9. Karen
    I love this rag rug. I just put a warp on the loom to weave a set of rag rug placemats . I just finished weaving 2 sets of repsmatta placemats from Joanne Talloveric Rep Weave and Beyond and was thinking about how I might use the rep weave technique in a rag rug without covering up the fabric I’m going to use (and love).
    Thank you for you weaving and spiritual inspiration!

    1. Hi Renee, It sounds like spaced rep may be what you’re looking for. Just know that the even though the fabric does show through the warp, the fabric is not as prominent as it is in other types of rag rugs. I like the subtle variation that fabric weft gives to the graphic patterns of rep weave.

      Happy weaving,

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