No Slipping Knots

Kit development for the plattväv towels is in full swing. I’m in the first stage–making a sample kit. Winding a warp with narrow stripes is a stop-and-go procedure, cutting and tying ends. My process is well structured, as it needs to be, to avoid mistakes. Knowing how to tie a good square knot is essential, too. This is not the time for slipping knots!

Winding a warp on the Glimakra warping reel.
Winding the warp with five different colors (2 tubes each), and frequent color changes, is the most challenging part of the plattväv towels.
Warp with many color changes. Square knots.
Square knots will hold tight if tied properly.

As I write the instructions for this kit, the eventual towel-kit weaver is on my mind. Besides writing clear steps, I want to include special helps that put even an apprehensive weaver at ease. How can I help the weaver have a great experience? Weaving this sample kit will help me answer that question.

Winding a warp with narrow stripes. Plattväv towels.
Plattväv towels in the making! Again.

Having structure and precision in the process of winding this warp makes me think of the value of truth. Truth matters because it keeps things from slipping that shouldn’t slip. Love matters, too. Love puts gentleness and understanding in the instructions. Love cares about the experience another person will have. Love and truth flourish together. Like a precisely pre-wound warp, and instructions written with care, truth and love are inseparable. Both are needed for life to be a gratifying experience.

May you experience true love.


10 thoughts on “No Slipping Knots

  1. It is interesting to read of your thoughts as you prepare these kits and to read about the care you are taking with this project. I’m looking forward to being able to purchase a kit and make these towels. May you continue to enjoy this process!

  2. Truth & Love, Amen!
    Thank you for sharing both with us in your blog.
    & I’m excited to hear you are creating a kit, will that be available to purchase?
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Sandy, Yes, if all goes well I will have a few kits for purchase! They will be in my Etsy shop, and I will announce it here on my blog. First, I’m going to work out all the kinks by weaving this sample kit.

      Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Karen, I can’t wait to see your kit!! How exciting for you a new experience!!
    Merry Christmas my dear!

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