Tapestry Diary Imaginary Mountains

Small tapestry weaving has been added back to my evening routine. Tea and tapestry. This quieting-down practice closes my day. I missed that. I didn’t decide to stop my tapestry ritual; I just drifted away as life got complicated, a little at a time, until I wasn’t doing any tapestry at all.

Tapestry diary on frame loom.
Tapestry diary resumes, adding one little mountain each day.
Small tapestry diary progress, woven from the back.
Small tapestry woven from the back.

I am weaving little mountains here–one little mountain each day. I let my imagination create scenes that are hidden from view. There are lush valleys between the peaks, and brush-covered hills too short to be seen. In the imaginary mountains, there are innumerable hiding places. I see myself slipping out of sight to sit on a quiet grassy slope next to a sparkling stream.

Small tapestry diary progress. Karen Isenhower
New mountains are woven, creating more imaginary hiding places.
Daily tapestry practice. Tapestry and tea to close the day.
Daily quiet tapestry and tea provides a peaceful close to each day’s adventures.

When life gets complicated and overwhelming, there is one thing we need. A safe place to hide. The Lord provides a hiding shelter in his presence to those who come to him. This is the place of safety. From our hiding place, we can see across the distance, make plans for the future, and rest up to continue our journey with strength–strength to cross one mountain at a time.

May you find a hiding place when you need it.


Quiet Friday: Little Tapestry Diary

Do you want to develop a good habit? Do that good thing every day for a month, …or so they say. It may be true, because I think my tapestry dabbling is turning into a habit. It seems perfectly natural, now, to end my day enjoying some peace and quiet with my little tapestry frame and a cup of tea. For the month of January, I completed a rectangular or square shape each day. February has no rectangles, only triangles and shapes with slanted sides. January 2015 is finished, and February is almost over. A tapestry dabbling diary is a simple way to mark the passage of time while letting ideas and images escape to become visible.

Some of the photos include Steve’s amazing woodcarving handiwork. And be sure to check out the video at the end showing how I create a finished edging for this little January tapestry diary.

Preparing warp for tapestry diary on a frame loom.
Empty warp ready for January 1st. Blank slate for collecting ideas. (This is the Freja Tapestry Frame by Glimåkra, lap size. Following pictures show the two magnets Steve added for holding my tapestry needle.)

Tapestry woven from the back.

Tapestry diary progress.

Tapestry diary for January is ending. More pics.

January tapestry diary. Pics and video.

Woodcarving and tapestry. The Isenhower's.
Amos is heading somewhere, and will not be deterred.
Woodcarving and weaving. The Isenhower's.
It is possible to be so focused on where you are going that you do not even see the “masterpiece” in the room?

Woodcarving and tapestry.

Hand-carved marionette and tapestry. The Isenhower's.

January tapestry diary off the loom. Karen Isenhower

May you measure time with the good habits you develop.

Happy Tapestry Weaving,

Tapestry Diary in Valentine Colors

Honestly, I did not set out to create an optical illusion with this small tapestry diary. Reds, pinks, and whites seem like stylish colors for the month of Valentine love. My primary intention with this piece was simply to work on varying angles and shading.

February tapestry diary uses Valentine colors.
Tapestry diary hangs on the wall, making it easy to remember daily tapestry practice. An instrument not in a case is always more likely to be picked up for fun, which is practice in disguise.

I thought simple colors and shapes were just that–colors and shapes; however, two interesting themes have emerged, quite by “accident.” One is the hint of a cupid’s arrow. Do you see the arrow feathers? The other is the optical illusion of creased folds across the cloth. (If you squint a certain way and tilt your head, see if you can make the inner and outer “folds” reverse.)

Your style shows how you want others to see you. But your heart tells the inside story of who you are. I may be focusing on what clothing and accessories to wear, thinking of colors and shapes; meanwhile, my heart is putting hidden things on display. The hidden person of the heart is who you really are. Let people remember you by your internal person more than by your external appearance. Then your chosen colors will simply enhance the true picture of you.

May you fascinate others with your inner beauty.

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Day by day,

What Does Your Tapestry Look Like?

Little things add up, especially when they continue day after day. Nearing completion, the tapestry diary I started on January 1st only has a few days, and not a lot of warp, left. The things we do consistently, little by little, make the biggest difference overall. (You can see the start of this tapestry in Tapestry Diary: Day One.)

Small tapestry diary. Karen Isenhower
Small tapestry is an accumulation of little rectangular sections woven day by day. Photo credit Steve Isenhower

Tapestry diary means I weave a small section every day. It has become my habit to sit down with my loom and my little selection of yarn in the evening, after supper is cleaned up. This is becoming a treasured wind-down time for me, something I look forward to. And when I finish my little section, Steve says, “Let me see what you added today.” Ah, sweet encouragement becomes motivation.

You and I have the amazing ability to impact other people for the better. It’s the little by little that makes the biggest difference. Your friends need you. Your prayer and touch may be what they need to soar in life. We need each other. What a wonderful world we live in, where our Creator designed us to thrive through the kindness of others. Imagine the tapestry He is creating with our little caring efforts.

May you weave a tapestry of kindness.

If you have woven, or are weaving, a tapestry diary, I’d love to hear about it!

Day by day,

Tapestry Diary: Day One

A tapestry diary seems like a fun challenge. Weaving a small amount each day gives a visual journal of woven ideas over time. I have seen some examples of tapestry diaries that I admire. I like the concept, but I feel tentative about starting one myself.

Freja Tapestry Frame by Glimakra
Simple tapestry frame, 26 1/2 x 21 inches / 67 x 53cm, is just the right size for a tentative tapestry diary. This one is the Freja Tapestry Frame by Glimakra. You can see the warp wrapping around the teeth for a sett of about 10.5 epi.

Will I have enough ideas to fill that space, or enough little bits of time to weave, or the consistency to keep at it? These are my doubts. On the other hand, the frequent practice will help me improve in tapestry techniques; and, watching the tapestry grow should be fascinating. And deep down I know I can’t really use up all my ideas. The more you express ideas, the more ideas you gain, as proven by other tapestry weavers, like Janette Meetze.

Beginning a tapestry diary.
Weaving tapestry from the back, as I learned from Joanne Hall.
Weaving small tapestry from the back.
After a row of twining, five picks give a solid line across for the beginning of the tapestry. Using three to four strands of thin wool (Färo and Mora) allows for ease of blending colors.
Day one of Tapestry Diary 2015
Day One.

This is a picture of generosity, as well. When you give, it is like planting seeds. Sow seeds generously and you will see a bountiful harvest. A generous person always has enough to give. Their “giving cup” is continually replenished. I can at least start the tapestry diary. Being intentional makes it happen. Planting ideas, planting seeds, watching for things to grow.

~What will you be intentional about this year?

May you never run out of ideas.

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Starting the Year with You,